Surabhi is a world fusion ensemble with Indian, African, Arabic, and Spanish flamenco influences which creates new music and dance groove pieces as well as performs traditional materials. The ensemble came about as a collaboration of artists featuring Carlo Basile and Saraswathi Ranganathan. The group has been performing for the past 8 years, delighting audiences with lush rustic soundscapes of flamenco music and Afro rhythms woven into the rich sounds of Indian Classical ragas embellished with blues and folk melodies. Performances often include both music and dance from the Indian, African, Spanish flamenco traditions. Surabhi features an outstanding line-up from Chicago’s musical theater scene, including Ronnie Malley, Arabic oud (“The White Snake”), Sara Ranganathan, veena (“The Jungle Book”), Bob Garrett, percussion (Sting’s “The Last Ship”) and Carlo Basile, Spanish guitar (“Cascabel with chef Rick Bayless”). Taiwanese artist, Chihsuan Yang brings the haunting sounds of the Chinese erhu and violin to the ensemble. South Indian Tabla master, Dhananjay Kunte and Senegalese percussionist, Mamadou Tama add stunning percussion elements to the performance with flamenco dancer, Marisela Tapia and South Indian dancer, Kinnari Vora adding traditional and original movement to the mix.